Cobble walling and paving

Pre-cast Walling

From 1.2m (4ft) up to 2.4m (8ft)

We manufacture and supply our own precast walls which consists of vertical posts and horizontal slabs in a variety that will suit the client’s needs. Concrete pre-cast walls can be installed in no time and has very little maintenance, making it perfect for your home and pocket.

  • Plain: Smooth finish with no pattern.
  • Jumbo: Has brick imprints on the face of the wall given the impression of a brick wall.
  • Louvre: The pattern is made out of horizontal and parallel slats that slope outwards.

Cobble Walling

Cobble Walls are renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. We are able to build your cobble wall according to your specifications anywhere you need, creating a beautiful look whilst maintaining the strength and durability that a wall needs.

Palisade Walling

We also specialise in palisade fencing, concrete palisade walling and a combination of all our walling types if needed for a specific project. View Palisades in full.